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A Historic Event!

First Ever MINISTERS™ CHESS Tournament

The first ever MINISTERS™ Chess tournament took place Sunday 21 October 2012 at the Association Echecs et Maths 3423 St. Denis St. (near Sherbrooke Metro) Montreal. The first, second and third place finishers were awarded a medal and a large MINISTERS™ poster. Medals match the beauty of the game, created specially for MINISTERS™ and its first tournament. Congratulations to the champs!

Watch out for the forthcoming 2014 Open MINISTERS™ CHESS Tournament!

Recipient Preferred Choice Award 2007, Creative Child Magazine.

Recipient Seal of Excellence, Consumer Association of Quebec, Canada.

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Awarded Best Product by Orca Communications Unlimited, LLC.MINISTERS™ CHESS is symmetric chess, employing a 19.5"¯ x 19.5"¯ folding board with MINISTERS™ 9 x 9 = 81 squares pattern on one side and Conventional chess pattern on the other; 36 tournament size (3¾" king, 2" pawn) impact plastic chess pieces. This is the Third Edition. It contains two added GIFTS: a 19.5"¯ x 19.5"¯ vinyl roll-up board and a 12"x7" cloth Chess bag. The king is flanked by two queens, each called "minister", the historic name of the queen of chess, thus establishing the hitherto absent symmetry about the king; in a larger more powerful game. Whether against man or machine, no theory of openings is there to favor one player over the other. Of a highly educational value, MINISTERS™ teaches that it is never too late to change history.

The game box dimensions are about 20"x10.25"x2". The game weighs about 4 pounds (1.8 kg).

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Fig. 2  Conventional chess 

MINISTERS CHESS™: The Game of the Millennium.

 Inventor : Professor Michael J. Corinthios, Ph.D., LIFE Fellow IEEE, FIEE.


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